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#1 Choice for Seamless Gutters in Gainesville, FL

As a locally owned and operated business in Gainesville, we’re very much accustomed to the weather in our area. We love Florida as much as anyone else, but it’s no secret that our sandy foundation and tropical weather can deteriorate a home over time. At American Metals, we specialize in almost all areas of your home’s exterior, including metal roofing, siding, fascia, and more. We look at your home as a system where all parts work together to ensure you and your property are protected against the elements. 

Protect Your Home with Seamless Gutters

Installing seamless gutters is one the most cost effective ways to protect the exterior of your home from water damage. When it rains, water falls from your roof much faster and is more concentrated than natural rainfall. On an average 2,000 sq ft. home, one inch of rainfall will produce up to 2,500 gallons of water that can affect the foundation of a home. 

Get High Quality Aluminum Gutters 

Compared to half-round gutters or k-style gutters, seamless gutters, also known as fascia gutters, are custom built to a home with a continuous piece of aluminum. At American Metals, we use high quality aluminum that is rust resistant, long lasting, weatherproof, and available in a variety of colors. You won’t have to worry about leaks, drainage buildup, or cracks when it comes to seamless aluminum gutters. A seamless gutter system is the best long term investment for a home.

Clog-Free Leaf Guards For Seamless Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is not only a messy inconvenience, it’s also the cause of many ladder-related falls and fatalities. Installing gutter guards prevents clogging of leaves, insects, and pollen, making cleaning out the gutters a thing of the past. With North Florida’s weather patterns, leaf and debris protection is an extremely important aspect of a great seamless gutter system. At American Metals, we provide expert gutter guard installation that is custom designed for your home. 

Our gutter guards are affordable, proven effective, and backed by a 20 year no-clog warranty!

Seamless Gutters Installation Done Right the First Time

When we install seamless gutters, we arrive on-site with your color choice of high quality aluminum and a gutter forming machine. We will diligently measure and form each sheet of aluminum into a perfectly fitted gutter system that will protect your home’s foundation. When attaching the gutters to your fascia, we ensure that the look of your new gutter system blends right in with your house. 

Next we’ll test the functionality of the gutters by assessing the proper pitch level so water/debris flow can drain properly and you won’t end up with clogged gutters. Finally, we’ll determine the best placement for gutter run-off that poses no risk to the foundation of your home.